Instant Messaging for Business Gives Mobile a Makeover

— Posted by David Hersh on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 —

Hopefully you’ve already noticed the updated versions of Glip Mobile in the App Store and Google Play, but if not, you should upgrade right away so that you can Glip on the go with a lot more speed. We’ve dramatically improved the performance and stability of the app. Check it out for yourself!

Don’t get too attached to this version of the app though. We’ve got another one coming in just a few weeks that will add a lot more functionality. Look for things like...

  • Posting all content types, including tasks, events and notes.
  • Checking off tasks, viewing photos, and viewing notes, right from within the mobile stream.
  • A mobile version of your task list. 

There are even rumors of an iPad-friendly version of Glip coming down the pipe!


Tags: Product Updates, Product Features, working remotely, Instant Messaging for Business